Clever Client Control

Clever Client ControlBad, outdated systems can cause you problems, but not with UltraIT

How many clients do you have? How's your database looking? Many of our customers initially say that they have a database of thousands, yet it's a sorry state of affairs. An amalgamation of excel spreadsheets with missing/incorrect data, a manually filled out email template and lots and lots of missed sales opportunities. Newsletters and sales messages are the bane of the marketeer's life as they take up valuable time and yield little results due to the impracticality of the system.

Did you know that there is a simple and easy solution that can change the way you handle your clients? Our applicant systems give you control like never before to both feed you the data you desire, as well as automated emailing to clients when property becomes available. But let's not run before we can walk...

What's an applicant system?

An applicant system is client management software. It is capable of storing everything you know about your clients and is usually automatically populated from a form they fill out so there is less work for you and can track their name, age, sex, contact details, search history, preferences and a whole host of other information to make it easy for you to be able to work out what they want.

How does an UltraIT system differ?

Unlike usual applicant systems (like the picture above) our systems don't just store the client details. Our systems allow you to send marketing materials to everyone, but rather than a blanket message, your system will only send to those who you want to receive it! For example, Mr Smith wants a semi-detached house but doesn't like the ones you currently have.

UltraIT can help you be a better estate agent.

By adding him to the UltraIT applicant system, when you add new semi-detached properties to your database, he will be automatically emailed with everything that meets his criteria. No need to remember what Mr Smith was looking for, no need for reminders on the computer, the UltraIT system takes all the stress away and does the work for you.This means you're more likely to sell the properties you want to the people who want them, it really has never been simpler to follow up with your clients and convert them into easy sales.

The UltraIT systems will link to the software you currently have meaning that you can be running your new and improved system quickly and efficiently. If this is how you'd like to run your business,contact us now!