Why is Facebook important for your business?

Facebook: Know your enemy!

Facebook has become one of the most powerful social tools of our time with more than 1 billion active monthly users and a high percentage of those users logging on or updating their profiles on a daily basis.

The Facebook facility to 'like' and to 'share' information on products and services can give exposure of your properties to a prospect's or client's friends and family plus their friends and family enabling you to make remote contact with a wide variety of people that would normally be out of the reach of your normal range of marketing.

Facebook and UltraIT

How can I use Facebook for my business?

An ideal place to start is to setup a Facebook page and ensure that your clients are aware of it and that people begin to 'like' the page. This can be achieved by introducing social media links on your website, promoting them on your emails and advertising on your marketing materials and stationery.

These pages, like any good website or marketing campaign, require consistent updating with relevant and timely information. A page that is uninteresting or not up to date will not receive a following that will get you results.

What can Facebook do for me?

It's fair to say that most of your clients or prospects will be interested in the latest properties that you have toFACEBOOK for Estate agentsoffer. The most effective way to relay the properties from your website to your Facebook page is by the simple addition of an RSS feed. This feed sends the latest properties hot off the press from your website to the Facebook page as a status update.

Status updates of your properties will appear on both the 'news feed' of people that like your page and on the wall of your own page. As you can see, Facebook offers the opportunity for you to double your internet exposure with a second place on the internet for prospects to see your properties and with the addition of the feed from UltraIT it's easy to maintain.

Avoid getting left behind your competition and contact us today to discuss Facebook feeds, social media or updating your existing site. We will be happy to talk about your requirements and create a bespoke solution for you.

Allow UltraIT to manage your social media campaign and take the stress away from your posting.Contact us now to hear how we can help you.