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Property videos

Help your properties to stand out

Property videos make a great addition for potential clients to view whilst they are deciding on which properties to visit. The great thing about a property video is that it doesn't need to be done by a film crew or professional camera man. These days most good smart phones have reasonably high quality video function and there are plenty of apps for editing.

By uploading a video to your property information, you're giving another aspect and a further degree of realism to the client. People are often suspicious of really good photos having being altered or enhanced, but by adding a video that shows the changing angles and light you are giving the buyer even more information.

What if I can't film?

If you are not able to offer the filming service, you could source a local photographer or video consultant who you could recommend as your preferred supplier for creating the videos for the website. A deal with a provider of such a service may include a discount for your customers or a commission for yourself.
However you source the video files for the property pages of the website, the addition of displaying video adds credibility and an extra dimension for the viewer.

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