We are all going on a summer lettings holiday

What's a holiday home?

holiday homesA holiday home is accommodation used for holiday vacations. Such properties are typically homes abroad, that vacationers can rent and run as if it were their own home for the duration of their stay. The properties may be owned by yourself, so it's classed as a 'second home' however more and more people who have property abroad will choose to rent it out for additional income. The rental of holiday homes has always been a popular investment/income stream and never more so since the collapse of the European property markets.

There are now more holiday home rentals than ever, partly due to the number of people who own foreign properties, but no longer can afford to visit them as often or are forced to make them pay for themselves.

Why choose UltraIT for your holiday home?

This increase in the level of properties has far outperformed the demand for rentals as people continue to tighten their belts when looking at luxury purchases such as holidays abroad. This has made competition even greater and the need for an effective website and property management software a must for the modern holiday home owner.

The Internet is increasingly the first place renters look when organising their holiday, so advertising your holiday home online makes perfect sense; you don't need to be a computer pro, just be able to get online and email, we'll sort the rest. Oursites have been specially designed with owners in mind to make the process of setting up an advert as easy as possible and reach a larger audience than any other form of holiday home advertising.

At UltraIT, we have just reviewed our holiday home packages to ensure they meet with the latest demands made by holiday home owners, agents and portals. We have packages designed for single holiday home owners to options specifically for rental portals. There are numerous optional extras that are designed to enhance your package and tail
or the website and software to your full specification.

If you've been putting-off investing in a holiday home solution or are in need of an upgrade, get in contact with us soon to ensure you don't miss out on exposure to this year's bookings. To find out morerequest some informationor call the team on 0034 965 796 382.