The 7 Things Estate Agents Have To Know About EPC

Spain, December 11

If you don’t know, now you know! Yes, Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are required as soon as a Spanish property is advertised as being for sale or rent by a real estate agent or privately. 

What is the meaning of EPC? This certificate must include objective information about the level of energy efficiency of the building so that potential purchasers can compare it with others, this documentation is also requested by the notary. 7 more things you want to know about EPC:

1. Agents must include details of the EPC on any online and offline advertising of the listing
2. EPC ratings will account the level of consumption of electricity, water and gas
3. The green ‘A’ represents the highest level of efficiency and ’G’ (indicated in red) the lowest
4. If a homeowner not hold an EPC and they are selling or renting the property, they can be fined
5. A new EPC certificate will last for 10 years and can be rated by a qualified technician
6. EPC does not have to be obtained for rental contracts which are signed for less than 4 months 
7. Even some holiday rentals may also require an EPC, please consult a local lawyer

With the new website software tool by UltraIT://, you as a real estate agent can inform your clients how energy efficient each property has been rated.

Don’t we all want to support a greener future and help taking care of our planet earth? You can advise your property owners by clicking here to find these 10 tips for greener EPC ratings.