What Is a Multiple Listing Service (MLS)? | MLS Property Network

The UltraIT Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or Multiple Listings System is a “Trade Only” property network of estate agents. Agents subscribed to the MLS have the ability to search this database of property sales and property rentals properties from a growing number of subscribing estate agents.

Our MLS provides each agent the ability to access and search the UltraIT MLS system of ten’s of thousands of properties all over the world, currently including Cyprus, Turkey, Portugal, Canary Islands and areas in Spain such as the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Barcelona and Tenerife.

  • Trade listings with other agents and visa versa, which should lead to more sales.
  • Access to an exclusive database of properties from a variety of estate agents and property developers.
  • Ability to sell properties worldwide through a private network of agents in Cyprus, Turkey, Portugal and Spain.

Why should my company subscribe to the UltraIT MLS?

The UltraIT MLS gives subscribing agents the ability to share and search their listings with other professional estate agents. By subscribing to the MLS system you will also offer advantages to your buyers and sellers, sellers who have their properties posted on the MLS will have their property put in front of the largest possible audience.

Buyers benefit from our MLS by the agent having more choice to find the right property to match their requirements and needs, as every member of the MLS can show all properties in the database, your opportunity to find the right property and make a sale is considerably enhanced!

How will the MLS benefit my business?

  • By making your direct properties available to 100’s of other agents to sell for you!
  • Ability to find properties using the “MLS” search matching property enquiries that you can not fulfil from your own portfolio (there will be around 10,000 properties at launch, and will grow substantially as more subscribers join).
  • Optional ability to add more properties to your real estate agent website directly from the MLS.
  • Expand your property portfolio by adding properties out of your area and even from other countries.
UltraIT Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

How does the MLS work?

MLS is available online at UltraIT.me, when using the MLS, you have the ability to search all other agents properties in various different countries, including ones that match the locations that you have had set within UltraIT.me.

Once you find a property of interest you can then read the profile of the agent responsible and then make contact via the system to request more info or arrange a viewing.

With the MLS you have the opportunity to:

  • Access a pool of thousands of properties worldwide, boosting your property portfolio and sales opportunities.
  • Find properties of interest, contact and arrange viewings with the listing agents directly.
  • Manage properties you would like included into the MLS for other agents to sell for you.

Including your properties into the MLS system?

If you would like to have all of your “Live” direct properties visible in the new MLS system, all that you have to do is complete the short form below. Please be assured that the only details of the property are viewable in the MLS, so any subscriber will not be able to know or see any sensitive administrative information you wish to keep private such as the vendors, contact details etc listed against the properties you have included into the MLS.

How will I receive enquiries?

When a subscribing agent finds one or more of your properties of interest, they can make contact with you via a special form in the MLS. This will enable them to either request more details or arrange a viewing which could lead to a sales!

UltraIT Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

How do we get started?

Please complete the short form below and within a short space of time our team will have you set up in the MLS. The UltraIT team are looking forward to working with you!