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Real estate newsletter campaigns: grow your business with 1 email

Meet the mail-shot maker software for estate agents by UltraIT. You can grow your business with one newsletter campaign, quick and professional! Email marketing is one of the most inexpensive ways to promote your real estate listings among prospects, your campaign will:
 Drive traffic
 Increase conversation 
 Eventually grow sales

That is why your developers of UltraIT have created a user-friendly drag & drop software system for all your newsletter campaigns. As promised, we will keep you ahead of the game! So, from now on you can design your real estate mail-shot template with this new marketing tool and forward your email over to your customer database. For all our existing customers, the mail-shot maker is already linked to your UltraIT customer list that you have created over time. 

Click below to view the demonstration video, here you can see examples of real estate newsletter designs build within the UltraIT mailing system and it will briefly show you how the mail-shot maker works. 
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