A great big thank you from Mr Bolton

An honest testimonial...Keeping in touch with clients

We love to hear from our clients. We get such a rush when we get a Facebook review or someone gives us a call, it shows that we're doing the right thing! This week though we received such a nice email that we had to share it! We help clients from all over the world to simplify their systems for managing their Estate Agency, and as you can see here, Mr Bolton is very pleased!

Dear UltraIT,

I run an estate agency in the Costa Del Sol, and have been here for 8 years now. I've seen businesses come and go, but I have a great team around me and a steady influx of customers so I never really worried about my work practices. I had a receptionist for all my bookings and emails and a team of 3 other estate agents so that we could share the work between us. We had a fair share of the work on paper which meant we always had a few mistakes like missed appointments or we didn't act the fastest when a client required information... but somehow it worked.

Our advertising was non-existent however! We simply had a well located shop on the a busy Spanish high street and regularly swapped our window displays to tell the English, German, French and Spanish clients all our 'hot properties'. But then, disaster struck...

My receptionist left!

Well, to be more accurate, she left for maternity leave with no date given to come back. Plus, at the same time, one of our core team decided to go back to the UK so I honestly wondered how I was going to continue running the business. I had a meeting with my receptionist and I joked that we needed a robot version of her. With that in her mind and some quick researching online, she came back with your website. I had (ashamedly) never heard of UltraIT, but the more I read up about you, the more impressed I was!

I quickly sent off an email and requested more information where one of your team called and worked me through your services. Cut to 3 years later, the UltraIT is fully integrated into our lives and I honestly couldn't imagine life without it! Let me give you a few example:
- When a client tells us their interests, a weekly newsletter goes out to them of all similar properties, with no interaction from us,
- Our appointments are all linked to our mobiles phones so we never miss anything,
- Our Facebook is constantly updated and has a great level of interaction from new clients,
- The front of the shop has a digital display and keeps new people coming through the door,
- Our website gets over 1000 new clicks each week!

Our team has grown, but our workload has dropped. When I saw your last newsletter asking for feedback, I just wanted to ge in touch to say THANK YOU! You have really boosted my business and I recommend your services all the time.


Mr Bolton.

Wow, what can we say to that except THANK YOU for getting in touch Mr. Bolton! If you're looking to grow your business the easy way, take the stress away andcontact UltraIT now.