New browser based TV digital display

We have developed a brand new TV digital display program. This would be a great addition to your business to show FULL SCREEN images of your chosen properties. We have a standard template design.

The system is very easy to operate:

Make a shortlist in the system and save as a digital display list
The system will then generate a unique website URL
Paste into your browser and the show runs

As the show runs directly from a short list you can edit this at any time by adding or deleting properties. Should you experience an internet issue, the list will still run using your browser cookies.

If you have a smart TV it should already have a browser installed. So you just copy the URL to the Smart TV browser and the display will run.

If you do not have a smart TV, just connect your TV to a PC and run the show directly from this.

The price for this great marketing feature is normally 295€ set up and 25€ per month. As this is a new feature and we would like as many of our clients to have this as possible, we are offering a special deal until the end of September:

Set Up: 195€ and Monthly: 15€

Optional extras upon request:

Additional displays for different shortlists
Custom designs

Please let us know if you would like to benefit from this exciting new product.